February 2nd, 2011

Kevin is a 30 year old software engineer working in Atlanta, GA. He designs, develops, tests, documents, and maintains software for a small privately owned company.

He grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio with a passion for computers and how they work. He studied Computer Engineering at Ohio University,  but after graduating he discovered .NET and software design concepts. In early 2008 he ran a popular software blog QuantumBitDesigns until he was drawn into the world of trading due to the market crash of 2008. In early 2009 he became fascinated by the opportunities provided by leveraged ETFs and the lack of knowledge surrounding them. After several weeks of software development and months of research into strategies for trading leveraged ETFs he decided on the name Quantum Fading to describe his own strategy.

You can contact him at Kevin at QuantumFading dot com.


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